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  1. Thanks! @Oxanasayuriand @a89529294
  2. Hey @Oxanasayuriand @a89529294thanks for the advice. I really enjoy sports, strategic board games (strategic video games were my favorite genre), and I really enjoy history. And as you suggested, I will definitely try and look for online communities (at least until the pandemic in my country winds down a bit). I have tried coding a bit, but I have stopped learning it. I should really pick that hobby back up. I tried just filling up my time 100% with just studying , but that is just a recipe for burnout. Do you guys have any suggestions as to which hobbies I could pick up? Thanks 🙂 !
  3. I am in 9th grade (14 yrs. old) and I am home schooled (which really isn't that different to distance learning). My addiction with games began at about 11 when I got a Nintendo switch, and it got so bad that I had to sell it. That wasn't the end, because after that I developed an even worse addiction with twitch streams, where at my worst point I watched about 10 hours per day. It's been a painful process but now I have got out of it, even though I still occasionally do relapse. The problem is, when I left gaming, I left my only social connections which were the twitch chat and streamers (I know it's a pretty bad social circle). Of course the pandemic has only worsened the social situation, and I have found myself alone with my parents. A few weeks ago I met a new kid (younger than me, 12 yrs) and I really thought that I may find a new friend. Unfortunately, he is VERY addicted to Minecraft, which triggered a relapse into watching 3 hr streams. Thankfully, my parents are the ones who manage the checkbook, so to buy Minecraft I would have to get their permission, which even if I wanted to buy the game ( which I don't) would get a flat NO as a reply (they were the ones who started my withdrawal process). Anyways, I knew this kid would just be a bad influence, so I really can't be his friend, as the only things he wants to do is play games and really doesn't understand my problem with them. This left me extremely isolated and discouraged. I am a bit of a nerd, but I have usually been able to make good friends. However the pandemic has really shut down my social life (I didn't have that big of a one anyway), and I feel very isolated. I have tried to connect with some of my old friends via Discord, but again, since it is online, they usually want to play video games. I really don't know what to do. I appreciate all advice and suggestions, because I really need it. Thanks! 🙂
  4. Thanks so much guys for your replies. After experimenting and testing myself, I have arrived to a conclusion that I do have slight addiction to the game. Nothing serious per say, but I thing I think I should avoid it to prevent it from becoming a serious addiction. Again, thanks so much for your support. Keep grinding everyone!
  5. After I decided to quit gaming about a month ago I started to look for other things to fill my time. With the new hobby guide available at game quitters, I saw chess as an option and gave it a try. The problem is because of my particular circumstances I can't join a in-person chess club, and for that matter play over-the-board chess. All the chess games I have played are online, and I have noticed that I have grown to be very fond of the game, to the point where I can spend about 1 hr. and 15 min. playing chess per day. This of course can't be compared to the video game addiction I had (where in watching twitch streams and playing games I could spend up to 5 hours) and doesn't have the negative impact that also came from playing video games. But I do wonder if it still is an unhealthy addiction, and whether or not I should try and cut back on the time I invest in bettering my chess skills? What do you guys think?
  6. GG's my man. Being one step ahead and recognizing the patters and tendencies that you will exhibit before relapsing is very useful. Being conscious about your situation when you are going to relapse is also very important. Stay strong, and keep up the good work!
  7. You guys should read the Sherlock Holmes series. The stories are well written (although the English is a bit dense) and the cases and stories are very entertaining. There are many short stories, but there are also 4 books with The Valley of Fear being my favorite. It's not for everyone, but you should give it a shot and maybe you'll like it.
  8. Yeah, sometimes it is frustrating to see that there are some people that can handle gaming in moderation. It makes me feel like a loser for not being able to control my habits and my time properly. But that is just how my psychology works. I do tend to be a person who can get addicted very easily to games.
  9. I am curious to see what the game quitters community thinks about this game. Is this a game you struggle with, or do you find that it is not that addictive?
  10. Honest time here: You have to quit watching streams, video game content, and analysis. You are are all in or all out. It is hell to be one foot in and one foot out. But ultimately that is your decision. That is my advice to you.
  11. Just uninstalled bluestacks from my computer. I had done the 90 detox and had started to feel great, but then came COVID and quarantine and isolation. During this time I reached out to one of my long-time buddies. He told that he would like to hang out via discord and also told me that I should play among us with a group of friends that he had. I started playing and hanging out with them but the damn game was addictive. I started to feel like I should play more with friends and slowly watched the time I played go up. It started with 30 minutes and then increased to 60 min and then to 90 min and finally reached the three and half hours mark. It was relapse, but thankfully I caught myself and uninstalled the game from my computer immediately. I am the sort of person that either completely abstains from video games or plays them three hours a day. Hopefully, I won't relapse in the short term future, but the lesson is (if you are like me): stay away from among us, it is addictive and it is really easy to relapse into a phase where you game three hours a day. Hopefully my mistakes help others to avoid the same path.
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