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Howdy everyone :)


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Hi y'all! I'm Luna :). I'm a 29 year old former gamer girl. I've been off games for about 4 months now and I'm also in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, 19 months clean. Recovering from drugs taught me that games were just as powerful an addiction in my life as drugs. After a big LoL binge, it reminded me of doing a lot of cocaine. I knew that this was a problem and I had to stop it.

Happy to be a part of the community and join in on supporting everyone in a betterness without the shackles of active addiction. Hoping to share what I have learned and learn all sorts of new things from all of y'all.

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Hey, Luna! Great to meet you and good to see you on the forum. First of all, thank you for sharing your story and kudos to you for taking action! Reading your story about going on a League of Legends binge, I can relate to that. It was hard to walk away from it (especially considering on how much money I have burned on the game) but I had to come to terms with it: I'm not going to get that money back and it's best to move on. Happy to help you with your journey! 🙂

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