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Hello everyone!

I'm Martin from Norway. I have had problems with video games since my early childhood. I started to play Nintendo in 90's and moved later to Playstation consoles. I have played game series like Super Mario, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken, GTA and finally Overwatch among many others. Past 4 years i have played video games more intense manner and it have effected heavily on my studies, works, relationship and much more. Last two years i have fought against my addiction by cutting down time that i spend playing, taking long breaks from games (weeks, even months) and taking console etc out of the house (just to take them back inside again). After all this adjustment and moderation i can still see how fast my addiction grows strong if i give any change for video games. Two weeks ago i made decision to cut out this vicious cycle of addictive gaming and everlasting procrastination. Today i have been 12 days without video games. Special thanks to gargamel. I have read your journal during this year and your texts (in addition to Cam's YT videos) have helped me to recognize, accept and finally let go of my video game addiction. I won't be able to update my journal every day, not even every week but i will do my best to keep you guys track where i am going with this journey. This is the start for a new chapter in my life and i will do my best to succeed this time.

Wish me luck.




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