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Day two of being away from my computer and video games, it's been a little hard and I can't stop thinking about gaming. I went out for walk with my wife yesterday and tried the Geocaching that was suggested in the hobby finder and it really kept me distracted from thinking of video games. With my wife and walking to different destinations, I kept thinking a lot about Divinity 2 and what I could do next in that game with my roommate.

Yesterday I had a really rough argument with my wife about this addiction and it's what turned me on to find some resources and reach out to some one to talk to. I now have an appointment with a video game addiction specialist in my city and I can't wait to start digging into this addiction and being rid of it.

Years have gone by in denial of my addiction and now I've finally come to a realization that I am truly addicted and I can't wait to turn my life around!

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Welcome to game quitters! Are you doing the respawn workbook?

I hope you will experience the necessary tool of self-accountability. Self accountability enables us to see ourselves from a third person perspective and see the real emotions and thinking patterns behind our failures. From reading one of Cam Adair’s logs, video game addiction is rarely a problem without underlying issues that you have to tackle. So usually the gamer wants to turn back to games when he does not know how to tackle a particular issue.

This is no simple task at hand but it will empower you to achieve many great goals in your life. One small tip from experience: when you have a pocket of free time, do a good thing no matter how small. This small deed can stop you from going back to old ways. It can be grooming, exercise etc.

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