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  1. My wife and I can assist with English to Thai translation
  2. Day two of being away from my computer and video games, it's been a little hard and I can't stop thinking about gaming. I went out for walk with my wife yesterday and tried the Geocaching that was suggested in the hobby finder and it really kept me distracted from thinking of video games. With my wife and walking to different destinations, I kept thinking a lot about Divinity 2 and what I could do next in that game with my roommate. Yesterday I had a really rough argument with my wife about this addiction and it's what turned me on to find some resources and reach out to some one to talk
  3. Hello, First, I'd like to mention to Cam! Thank you so much for providing these resources and a place to talk about how I'm feeling and what I can do to fix it. Why am I here? I think it's apparent... I want to quit gaming, however it's become much more apparent to me as of recent when my wife almost walked out on me taking her life and my child's life back to her home country. What have I done so far? I utilized Game Quitters website for a few things already, such as the hobby finder and even applied to go back to school! The first thing I want to start doing is learn