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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Quitting once and for all.


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@Amphibian220Working out was still a big factor as well  as going to bed earlier. Listening to music and maybe a few videos  were my option when I wanted to relax.  I didn‘t change that much besides that to be honest. I was so occupied by the stuff I had to learn, that there wasn‘t much room for other things in the two weeks before the exam. 


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I‘ve done it! I just got my Testimony and it turned out much better than expected. I ended up being third best in my class. Struggled a bit with my oral exam preparations, but it turned out great. The grades that I got pretty much allow me to apply to any uni that I desire at the moment. I‘ve applied to two Unis so far, in the field of economic engineering.

Now I‘ve got  a bit of free time before uni starts. My goal is to really get into cooking to support my fitness progress.(which I‘m also gonna take more serious now.)

 I‘m also really happy that covid is becoming less of a problem. I hope I can take part in a lot of University sports in two months. It‘s my biggest hope for becoming more social.  

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