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Time for a change

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Hi everyone,

My name is Morgan and as I write this I am sceptical as to whether I can remove video games from my life as they have been my crutch for years. I have been playing video games since I was 6/7 starting with games like Pokemon on the Nintendo DS but have moved on to PS3/PS4, Switch and PC gaming. I have always known that this hobby has been holding me back however, I have never truly considered quitting for good as I couldn't imagine life without games. My reason for trying to quit is that I feel my addiction has reached a point where if I do not stop, I risk becoming stagnated in my life. I am currently in my final year of university and my grades have been severely impacted by gaming, particularly the new culture in gaming of grinding for rewards which will soon become obsolete and the grind would start again. My main issue has been FIFA Ultimate Team and whilst I have managed to avoid putting too much money into the game compared to others (I say as a poor university student who over the course of 6 years has easily put £750 into Ultimate Team) the amount of time I have wasted has become too much. Thousands of hours have passed me by in my process of trying to accumulate the best virtual 'cards' that are only relevant for a year before I have to start all over again.

 I have missed so many lectures and seminars and my grades have plummeted to the point that I am now being told there are parts of my degree I can no longer complete due to previous results. Furthermore, my social life has become almost non existent. The only people I socialise with now are the people I work with and my girlfriend and I avoid other people such as my family in order to ensure I have time to play games. Alongside this, I have become overweight due to neglecting my health in order to gain more time to play games.

I have decided enough is enough and that I need to do something. I have tried to kick many habits in the past however the one I have never been able to budge is gaming as I saw it as 'less damaging' than others however now I realise it is probably the root of most of my issues. I want to know who I am as a person, not who the 20 year old who cannot stop gaming and is anxious to leave the house. I hope this can be the start of the rest of my life.

Reading other people's stories has made me even more determined to see this through and I would recommend anyone else starting their journey to do the same- you CAN do this.

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On 8/27/2020 at 12:57 AM, MorganDave said:

Hi everyone,

My name is Morgan and as I write this I am sceptical as to whether I can remove video games from my life as they have been my crutch for years.

Hey Morgan! Good news! You can. 

Before I start saying what I want to, are you sure about your username? If that is your actual name I suggest starting a new one and going anonymous instead. There is a reason AA is Alcoholics Anonymous.

It's super late here so I'll just say, WELCOME! You made a great decision. Go ahead and make that diary and start writing about your days and what you want to achieve. If losing weight is your goal, the good thing is that your hobby is already laid out for you. Football is a good one out in the open.

And once again, welcome to the community. Congratulations for making the leap!

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Welcome to the forums. You may be surprised to find that being on here and posting can really help you out a lot to quit gaming. It has for me for 9 months now. This is the longest I've been off games since I started them as a kid. So you can get off the games, get off the couch and get some exercise. Then get back on the couch and watch Netflix. I know what you mean with the grinding for temporary rewards. In Diablo II you only had 3 months to build up gear on ladder then it reset and you went to grind gear up again. I don't understand how something so bad was so addictive. But I just know I've got to stay off it because it makes me feel bad about myself and my life when I play that game. I become less of who I want to be and more miserable.

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