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New member - Day 9

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Hey there fellow Quitters, just wanted to introduce myself and give a little of my story.

I'm 44 years old and I've been gaming since the days of the Atari 2600 and I was hooked from that point on. I'm fairly sure that I've spent more time in my life playing video games then doing anything else. I've lost relationships, ignored potential friendships and never took on new hobbies or interests. I've gone from hating myself to burying myself in video games so many times. It just became so easy to ignore life and my problems - games always seemed to make my problems go away. (Ironically, my problem was video games.) Finally, 9 days ago I decided I didn't want to hate myself anymore and I damn sure didn't want to keep playing games. I've lost too much time to this pointless "hobby", not to mention the money. I could easily look at all the time I've wasted and be miserable but I see no point it doing that - that'd just be wasting more time. That being said, I've been on a pretty serious emotional roller coaster since I brought myself to quit. 

I've been filling my time with exercise and I am going to start some Udemy courses that I bought around two years ago - Spanish lessons and Fruity Loops Studio (music creation software). I've been meaning to learn these things for years but I just couldn't drag myself away from the controller. Now seems like the perfect time.

Hope you are all doing well through these wild times,



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I appreciate that Optimistic. It's been a tough ride so far but I know that I'm not alone. Everybody has their own struggles. I'm just glad that I came to this conclusion. I have to say....I'm not sure that I would have if I didn't have all this time off due to Covid. In a way it's been a blessing in disguise for me. 

Take care.

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