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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

May Recap - What Are You Celebrating?


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Hi everyone, 

I hope you're still going strong or have made new commitments to bettering yourself. This past month was the most difficult for many of us during the pandemic, but it has also brought dozens of new members to the website who are trying to overcome their addiction to video games. 

Feel free to write a quick paragraph about something you're proud of that happened over the past month. 

For me, I overcame the most difficult video game cravings I've ever felt. This happened at the beginning of the month and needed many emergency therapy sessions. I am now at 83 weeks straight. I got derailed on other good habits, but I'm going to stay strong. 

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May took me from feeling lame and ashamed to the beginnings of actually feeling good about myself. May made me confront a lot of things during Rona lockdown.

This is a new chapter in my life that doesn't include digital relationships or games. My choice but I can't sustain it without this program and forum and all of you.

My icecream with cake  addiction needs looking at too but one thing at a time. 🍦🍧🧁 🍰🎂 🧁🍧🍦

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