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Long Journey of a Med Student


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May 17 

I start with my main objective: get rid of this damn addiction. It has clouded every single aspect of my life. My relationships, my financials, my mental and physical health and i have done close to zero studies while it's almost a month left till med exams.

I will get more into my life stories in the next diaries but this one is to remind myself of the 90 days detox oath. I will neither play nor watch any gaming-related content. This is the opportunity to take back my life, live the way i always wanted and shape my life to make me happy. 

First day started with oversleeping till 2pm. I made lunch and talked to my parents since my father had an angiography. Watched a few motivational youtube videos and reminded myself of who i want to become on the way to shopping. Came back from shopping to go out and exercise. Felt really good just by walking for 30 mins.

Went to university to study. (I live just 2 miles away and it's easier to study on campus) I finished a lecture and made some neat notes for review. It was 9pm by that time. came back to have a delicious homemade dinner after 2-3 weeks of constant mcdonalds, KFC and hungry jack. Had a beer and now I'm writing my first daily diary of 90 day detox plan.


No matter what you wanna do and what you wanna achiever, you gotta have a plan and let me tell you, you must go with one plan and that's your plan A. Plan Bs suck. You must make your plan A work just like michael Jordan, oprah and obama. 

Jack Gardener


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