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My Daily Journal

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Day 20

Really good day today. Slept well last night, which definitely helps. Started well with usual yoga and meditation and looking after my plants. Once that was done I sat down and actually wrote down what I was going to do today hour by hour. Although I had to adapt the plan a little due to timings, it still really helped, and I have achieved everything I set out to do today, and now feel really good about it. 
And no real bad cravings while I was doing it all as well. 
Going to try and develop a habit of setting what I am going to do and when the next day at the end of each day. Already planned out tomorrow and looking forward to it. 
Starting the day well and having a set plan really helps I find. 
Have ordered a calisthenics book from Amazon today, going to try and get into that as a new workout routine as well. Will be good thing to get into while on lockdown as well. Have always been into keeping fit. Used to do a lot of freeweight stuff at the gym, but found I was plateauing and getting bored with that, so wanting to do more bodyweight type stuff. Will help with better climbing as well. 

It's mad how much better you feel after a day well spent compared to a day wasted. Sure there are days where you need to take it a bit easier, but on those days I still feel better if I've done some piano or some reading, than I would have felt if I had spent the whole day gaming. 

Reading some other guys journals tonight has been helpful and renewed my enthusiasm some as well. Good to know that there are other people out there, going through the same thing. 

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I always feel like I could be doing more but you're right, the days where I've been really productive that feeling is certainly lessened. 

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Hey, it's great you're doing all those things to self-care and live an awesome life. Calisthenics are really cool. I also meditate and do yoga. Do you have a pull up bar and those dip bars for at home use? 

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