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The New hope - quitting binge-viewing


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My name is Lucas and I've been addicted to watching gameplays on twitch and youtube for about 2 years. Previously it was not so bad, I've spend maybe 2 hours a day. But lately I've been spending like whole weekends (when there are no lectures) and evenings after my work. I'm studying also at weekends, and I've found out, that the projects, that we've to do are pretty simple so I procrastinated them, and did well, so it did strenghten my addiction.

I'm hoping to make a lot of progress in learning piano and electronics design. I've also plans for getting better at Linux and Python. For social life - previously I did play some board games with my friends, let me know, if it is a good habit.

Lately I've found, that this addiction is called binge-viewing (like watching whole seasons on netflix, that I've also done). Let me knew, if sb was also making his way through this.

Wish me luck 🙂



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Hi Lucas! Welcome to the forum! 

I used to (still do from time to time) watch group gameplays from people I find funny, and perhaps I watch them at inconvenient times. I used to play my games alone so there is this kind of, you know, feeling of belonging by proxy, getting the inside jokes, finding out about their personalities, etc. Ironically I've found some classmates IRL who played or sometimes still play the same games I did and we get along great, but I've decided (and they've followed) to settle with sharing memes and agree on how hard we would fail the year if we got to play again (?)

Binge-watching Netflix is this century's collective problem, so at least you're not alone there...! Keeping up to date with the most popular series can also become a social pressure, so it sucks sometimes. I do it mostly with friends or my partner so for me it fits in the category of "social stuff to do (sometimes)". Relying on someone else's account or putting the way you consume it in perspective may help. 

Board games are mighty fine imo, I love to hang out with friends to play at someone's place, have some lunch or dinner and drink moderately. If they don't give you cravings or urges to go back to bad habits, I'd say go for it. 

Good luck with your hobbies! I did a bit of piano and I'm still trying to get into violin. May be a lost battle but I'm not giving up yet (?) A lot of people here are into programming so you can check the threads about it in the forum. 

Hope you find this place useful! ☺️

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Hi Hitaru,

Thank you for the response. In my opinion, not so much people realize, that binge-watching is as bad as playing or watching games, because it is maybe less socially disaccepted, on the contrary, it is approved (films and series I mean). I'm glad, that I've realized this now (finally), and now I'm beginning to see, what options are available to me. Thankfully, most of the people from my job dont watch too much movies and they are aware, that they dont have time for them, so they do not push me into it.

It's day two of my detox, and I'm felling good about it 🙂

I've a question for you: what are you doing, when you're tired? In my case watching movies is not an option of course, and I dont really am into cooking or drawing. Reading books is a good option, but it is only one, that I can think of now. Any ideas?


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On 2/18/2020 at 4:57 PM, Timelocker said:

I've a question for you: what are you doing, when you're tired?

I'm also new to the forum. I recognize the binge-watching problem for sure.. I'd stay up and watch streams and ended up sleep deprived. It felt like it was better than gaming itself but now I'm not so sure.

I am still struggling with finding other positive hobbies that can replace gaming/binge-watching and fill the void I was escaping from. I started bouldering which I really like, some physical activity really helps me with feeling good.

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