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Hey all,

New here. 30 years old, been gaming since I can remember.  I quit games for about 6 months but relapsed recently for a few weeks. I have since quit games altogether and back on my path of self discovery and a bright life.

I've been gaming since I can remember and combined with a competitive personality is a recipe for disaster. Luckily I grew up playing competitive organized sports at a high level as well, which gave me a great social life and developed my social skills while feeding my competitive nature - in a more healthy way.

The biggest revelation I have in regards to how gaming impacted my life was just the anger it fueled in me in the real world.


All of those bubbling and boiling emotions wouldn't leave me when I closed the game down and it translated from the online world into my real world. It affected my relationships, it affected my mood, it brought negative energy into my life and it made me a less compassionate and empathetic person. I didn't care about anything else, all I wanted to do was game. That comment from the one individual about my performance lingered with me, it wasn't OK, I wanted to prove myself.

I've discovered many self help books, I've become more involved in meditation practices and Buddhism. I notice myself making more eye contact and really investing in individuals and what they have to say. The most important thing is I am not as angry, there's more compassion, love, understanding and there's MORE TIME for you to improve yourself.

I decided to join this sub and introduce myself as I don't want to relapse again and I believe I can help others as well.

Also, for those looking for a way to heal and develop themselves absent of games, I highly recommend these two books:



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Welcome to the forum! 

It's great that you found out how gaming was affecting you and decided to change for the best. We have a journal section if you want to write down your process, lessons you've learned, vent if you need it, etc. Hope you can find value in the forums! 

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