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Madden 20


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Hello my name is Matthew I am a 19 year old college student with a pack addiction on madden 20, I feel like I don’t need to buy a pack or bundle but I always buy one for some reason even tho I feel guilt afterwards and I know it’s not right, this is my last resort for help I spend 2 much money on video games!

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15 hours ago, Matthew said:

I’m looking to stop buying packs, I’ll eventually stop gaming, it’s hard tho

It is, but in my personal experience, unless I stop playing the game I don't stop buying packs until I have no money. It sounds like a compulsion to me, so continuing to play the game causing your compulsion buying is like an addict that has a stash in his house even though he's clean. Unless you get rid of the root cause of your buying compulsion, it's going to tempt you every single time.

Obviously I can't tell you what to do, but if you feel as strongly about it as I think you do, you're in need of dramatic changes. But it's up to you how to approach this. Whatever the case you'll have the support of the community.

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