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Time to get real

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Keep in mind that you are not journaling for anyone else. You are journaling primarily for yourself. About the other thing yes, not a lot of people are very active. Many people start and then quit. but you said it to yourself:

7 hours ago, Tomas said:

But maybe it does not really matter.

It doesn't. As long as you take care of yourself and collect positive power, which you can use for other things as well, that is good. If you feel that the forum is not vivid enough, change it. Keep posting in other journals, give likes and be encouraging. This is what I try to do. I think that giving is, what start the receiving process.

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10 hours ago, Tomas said:

For all the cash I spend on that game (it is ridiculous), the card knowledge I got, the fact I ALMOST got to Legend... Oh man... how much I wanted to get to legend, and after that quit the game... That game... is poison. Hearthstone is like a pack of cigarettes. I can't just play one game and the quit. I have to smoke the whole pack, and then buy some more. Can't I just play a few games each day? No, I can't... And I am not going to. Goodbye Hearthstone, you peace of beautiful sh*t. 

Constructed only ever was about getting above 50% W/R anyway, so it was just a time-grind. I much rather played Arena and I was infinite at it, though I quit HS almost 4 years ago.

@Alexanderle is right. You're doing this for yourself.

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