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Question for those in the community who have or are using antidepressants.

I started seeing a therapist a few months ago, which has been helping a lot. I made it clear that I wasn't interested in taking antidepressants from our first session since I've been again personal use of it my whole life. After talking to a relative about her life changing experience after taking antidepressants, I've changed my mind about its use and am scheduled to meet with a psychiatrist to possibly get a prescription.

I'm just wondering how others experience with antidepressants were? Are there risks? Are they dangerous? Does it really help with any possible underlying problems, or does it just act as a helping hand during a difficult time? Any general comments?

I know this is a game quitters forum and I'm not asking this question to see if its use will make it easier for me to quit gaming. I'm looking for an answer on how it really just effects your mood, condition, happiness/sadness levels, and life in general.

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Hi RB1,

For me, it just acts as a helping hand in difficult time. I made it to act like that. Please be aware this is just my personal experience and should not be taken as medical advice.

I am always cautious putting pills down my body, unless absolutely necessary. In my years of battling with depression, I would only use it when I was suicidal. Big help? Well not a lot. I would still feel depressed but it did get the suicidal thoughts off my mind in those particular periods. It’s good to have them within reach, for emergencies. Just note that they don’t take effect immediately. If I remember right they take effect the next day. I would just postpone my suicide plan to the next day and see what happened. The thoughts would go away. 

Most of the time I would rather seek natural remedies or just tough it out. In my several years of battling, I only took antidepressants less than 5% of the days, although I had boxes and boxes of them from the doctor. I would exercise, I would seek counselling, I would go to church. Both councelling and church gave me big help. Personally speaking I think they solved my problems from the roots, which I like a lot. Everybody is different. Professional advice is recommended for making decision.

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