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Steam account deletion hax


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Hello GQ 


I was wondering if there was a Way to hotwire the 30 days deletion period when deleting my steam account since I have failed several times in doing so. ? 


I was thinking to myself. What if I just told the right guys at steam that I have sold my account (without having done so) would they then be able to delete it on the spot or is there some other things going to happen aswell, like a fine or some kind of a punishment ? ? 

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It's simple, really.

Create a mail account on any free webmail service. I suggest https://www.mail.com/int/

When creating the password, use a random password generator such as http://www.thebitmill.com/tools/password.html

Now here's the trick. First, create a random password using the tool above and change your Steam account to that password. Make sure it's something long that you'll never be able to guess. Then, create a new e-mail account using that same password, and switch the e-mail address on the steam account to that e-mail address. Log out of both Steam and the e-mail account. If necessary, delete any saves logins to Steam and that e-mail account.

Voila, you've just deleted your Steam account. ?

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Now thats clever, thx mate?


Then I dont have to sound like an asshole to the steam guys. I just really need an easier way to get rid of it. I did already ask them if I could pass the wait period but they couldn't unfortunately ?


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