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I feel I dont want to live anymore


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Hi guys,

My name is Pavol and I am gaming for 20 plus years mostly online games and im addicted to porn and masturbation too. I 

decide that I need to change my life and that I want to quit all the things that are destoying me.So about month and half ago I quit 

playing computer games, quit porn and masturbation quit using sugar. Start exercising more and trying to do other things. After one week

I met a girl in ball hockey witch I like and she comes for a 4 day date to my place. But it went not so well and she dont feel any chemistry

there so she dont want to meet again. This was just a cherry on top of the cake. I feel really depressed and wanting to commit a suicide 

and dont know what to do. My perents never showed me love or appreciation at all and I got a feeling there is nothing to live for anymore.

I dont want to go back to gaming nor masturbation nor porn , I rather die. I cant even go and play ice hockey with I like as I got knee dislocation injury and cant play yet.

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Hey Pavol,

It sounds like your first week you did really well. Cutting one of your 'addictions' is tough enough, let alone lots at once like you have done. 

You did really well to get a girl over to yours for a date. Even though it didn't go too well, you should be confident that you were able to secure the date in the first place. Dating is a numbers game, so if the first one you meet doesn't work, try again. 

Even with your injury, there is still so much to do. I suggest an app called 'Meetup' which has lots of different social events in your local area. Maybe going along to a few of them may help you find new friends and passions.

You have so much to live for and things will get better ( I know from experience that I'm enjoying life more since going cold turkey on gaming). Keep going, keep trying and I'm sure things will start to improve shortly. If not, please book an appointment with your GP or see a therapist, as reaching out to a professional will give you the help you need.

My inbox is open if you need to chat, mate. 

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Hey Pavlov! 

I'm so sorry to hear you're going through such a hard time. 

I think quitting so many things at one time is especially difficult. Because you were getting endorphins from so many places and now they all stopped. So naturally your brain is lacking the feel good chemicals. 

Please don't commit suicide. You don't know all the great things that will happen in your life once your life will improve (slowly but constantly). 


Please make sure to see a counselor or psychiatrist. Begin by going to your general practitioner doctor and ask for a reference. 

Or else get a counselor on www.betterhelp.com . I have used them and they are very good and certified. 


Man you're going through hell right now... Just don't let it swallow you up. You have to run out of that bad place as fast as you can. 

We're here to help you. Please write again if your thoughts get worse or if you're making concrete plans. 


You can do this! 

Leo B

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