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  1. Hey Pavol, It sounds like your first week you did really well. Cutting one of your 'addictions' is tough enough, let alone lots at once like you have done. You did really well to get a girl over to yours for a date. Even though it didn't go too well, you should be confident that you were able to secure the date in the first place. Dating is a numbers game, so if the first one you meet doesn't work, try again. Even with your injury, there is still so much to do. I suggest an app called 'Meetup' which has lots of different social events in your local area. Maybe going along to a few of them may help you find new friends and passions. You have so much to live for and things will get better ( I know from experience that I'm enjoying life more since going cold turkey on gaming). Keep going, keep trying and I'm sure things will start to improve shortly. If not, please book an appointment with your GP or see a therapist, as reaching out to a professional will give you the help you need. My inbox is open if you need to chat, mate.
  2. Thank @Kwshake, better late than never. It's now been 12 days since I last turned the PlayStation on and I've definitely been more productive and enjoyed spending time with my partner more. Thankfully, I haven't had the urge to relapse just yet - even though the guys I used to play with are constantly bugging me to get online and sending me videos of them playing. Thanks for the offer of support and likewise, if you just want a chat then the DMs are open. Enjoy your day.
  3. Thanks for reaching out buddy. You haven't ruined the 3 years. We're both not in the best situations, but by admitting things, being positive and trying to better ourselves we will get away from the problems. Your ex gf probably wasn't the right one for you. Focus on yourself and I'm sure you'll meet someone once you're in a better place both physically and mentally. I'm back in the gym now and exercising 4 days per week. If you need to chat just message me on here and I'll help as much as I can ?
  4. So for a bit of background, I'm 29 and have, like many of you, been gaming since I can remember back on the Sega Mega drive. I've graduated university and have had several jobs, without any in particular stimulating me as much as gaming does. I've even worked on the opposite side of the world, where I only used a PlayStation once over the course of a year. That time was definitely the best and most productive year of my life, where I completely grew as a person and met some amazing people. I long for the day that I can go back to feeling this way. I live with my girlfriend of 2 years and she is amazing. She's accepted that I've gamed and never had much of a problem until recently, where my work situation has changed and I'm not doing enough to resolve it. I would be the most stupid guy on earth if I lost this girl due to a few pixels on a screen, so I knew I had to do something about it. I found this community by Googling "do I have a gaming addiction?" The article suggested 9 signs of being an addict and I'm ashamed to say I ticked every box. I've lost interest in things I used to enjoy (gym, playing sports etc) and have probably gained 10KGs over the past 3 years. I've used gaming as a way to relieve me from negatives moods and an escape from my mental health problems (anxiety and a lack of motivation). The two that resonated with me the most are the lying about my gaming and the fact that I've turned down job opportunities so that I've been able to maximise my free time to gaming. I recently lost my job in June due to being unable to relocate at the current time and I'll admit I've been playing on average 10 hours per day instead of being proactive in my next job search. I've also continually lied to my gf who I live with about what I've been doing with my day, claiming to have spent the whole day applying, yet arguing with her when she wants to see proof. I've failed with 2 interviews within the past 2 months and I know that I could have been better prepared if I didn't spend as much time on the PlayStation. Last week I finally admitted to myself and those close to me that I had a problem and I haven't switched the PlayStation on for 10 days now. I've also gone cold turkey on watching gaming related content and on games on my phone. I do feel that I'm in a better place, I'm slowly becoming more productive with my time and enjoying spending time with my gf more. I'm going to need help and motivation from more than just her and myself, so I'm looking forward to interacting with you all who are in a similar situation. If you can resonate with my situation or just want to chat about your own journey, I'll be more than happy to offer some help. Thanks guys.
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