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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Introduction - Jesse


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Hi, all.

My name is Jesse, i'm 24 and from UT, USA. First off, I'd like to thank Cam for providing these resources to us. As I prepare for my game quitting journey I feel an intense mixture of vulnerability contrasted with a feeling of immense relief, 90 day detox here I come! I've been subscribed and following videos for a few weeks and they have gradually given me the "pump up" and courage that I need to quit gaming. The final push I needed came from the "Sunk Cost Fallacy" video as it allowed me to logically move past the emotional ties that I have had to my accounts or "saves". It's been useful to remember that giving games up does not obliterate the strategies I have learned or the experiences I have gained but rather, as Cam has stated, provides a fond window to look back on as I move on to bigger and better (real life) goals and challenges. Starting today, I've contacted the gaming sites that I have been addicted to (such as the countless games on kongregate.com) and requested for them to ban my accounts as well as deleting any saved games on other systems or consoles. As I have now officially deleted each game and account I can't help but feel like I have 1,000 pounds of weight off my shoulders. I've also noticed an immediate feeling that I have plenty of time now, I suspect that is because anything I used to do felt like a rush to get back to gaming. On that note, I have found Cam's videos dealing with the neurotransmitter dopamine and gaming to be very useful. When I feel the urge to play or feel that other activities aren't as stimulating I can recall that these feelings will pass with time because my brain needs time to bounce back to normal sensitivity levels.

I've been teetering on and off with the idea of quitting gaming for about 6 years! Gaming is seriously a large part of why I have not been able to achieve my undergrad degree yet, if I wasn't playing for a while I would get A's, if I was fixed on a game I wouldn't go to class or care about assignments. Looking back, it is so obvious that I have been in a never ending battle between my short term dopamine fixes with gaming and my long term yearning for permission to move on to real life goals. Games have always provided me with an escape from my stresses and I know I need to get right to work finding other activities, hobbies and goals to fill in that void (thank you for the 60 new hobby ideas). I look forward to starting a journal here so I can track my progress, I know this will not be an easy endeavor. Most of all I just want to thank all of you, the biggest reason why I feel confident about doing this is that I don't have to feel like I am the only one who struggles with gaming addiction. It has meant a lot to me to see that there is a community of people who has also struggled with controlling their gaming. Again, thanks and looking forward to getting to know everyone I can. -Jesse

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Welcome aboard! This is a great place to share your difficulties, failures, and successes. When something is hard for you, post it! We're all developing our skills for quitting games and improving our lives and will happily share what helps us. I have yet to post any struggle I have faced while quitting games that hasn't been responded to helpfully. As I improve myself, I try to pass on the success that others have helped me achieve.

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Hey Jesse!

Thanks for joining us here! Happy to hear the sunk cost fallacy video had the impact it did. Seems like people have really been resonating with that one. I hope to dive more into topics like this in future videos now.

Looking forward to following your journal and to celebrate your undergrad degree soon! :D

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