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Online business and school


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See both school and my online business requires me to spend a lot of time on the computer or phone so how do I go about making my life social, fun, and not feeling like a zombie if I’m going from playing videos all day to being on a laptop or computer all day being productive. They both seem unhealthy. Also the books I read are all ebooks on my phone. All the other things I do still involve computers so what do I do?

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Thats indeed a huge problem for me too. I learn everyday 4-6hours for university in front of my computer and afterwards I am trying to get some business started. Informations etc you only get online. 


Although its productive, I feel like shit after 14h display. You have to decide whats more important for you. Your health or reading online e books etc You could print the books, learning offline with real books etc


Of course a gamer know mostly to do things at the computer. So you have to find other things which dont involve them THAT MUCH. A bit is okay but it shouldnt be 50% + of your day

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