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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

It's so hard and the cycle nearly goes again


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Today is really a tough day for me. I spent  the whole afternoon at home waching videos and sleeping. At night, I feel a strong disire to restart my game, and unlike the determination I had the other days(I quitted games for around 6 days), I just think it's no big deal to restart gaming. But my another thoughts just notice me that I am making excuses for myself, and if I restart the game, I will addict to it again and again, just like before. So I come to the forum and wandering through some of your posts, and write the journal here. Fortunately, I didn't play any video games today.

My lesson from this afternoon is, I shoule really never stay at home alone for so long time. Also, I should pick up some other hobbies so that I can find something else to do except for watching videos at home. I kinda believe that things like this afternoon will continue to happen from time to time. But, I promise I will hold on to my principle.

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6 days good job!!!! 

You should definitely find new habits to pursue. If you stay at home constantly without being engaged in an activity you'll constantly think about games and eventually give in to the temptation. 

Keep your brain occupied with different activities each day and you'll save your self from a lot of mental struggle. 


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