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  1. Today is really a tough day for me. I spent the whole afternoon at home waching videos and sleeping. At night, I feel a strong disire to restart my game, and unlike the determination I had the other days(I quitted games for around 6 days), I just think it's no big deal to restart gaming. But my another thoughts just notice me that I am making excuses for myself, and if I restart the game, I will addict to it again and again, just like before. So I come to the forum and wandering through some of your posts, and write the journal here. Fortunately, I didn't play any video games today. My l
  2. @Sarma Thanks for your watch and reply, Sarma.
  3. @kwshake Thanks for your reply, kwshake. Your story and words have really brought me a lot of confidence towards life. I really appreciate that. I think the thing that brothers me most is that the disire to restart gaming is just like a time bomb. I don't feel I have a peaceful mind at any time. Thanks for saying that I have the wits and the power, and I will try my best to overcome the bad moods. By the way, sorry for my poor English.
  4. Keep going guy, the first few days is so tough and I'm also working for it.
  5. Today is my first day to quit the game( I joined the fornum yeasterday). In the morning, everything just went so good, I didn't feel any desire to play the game. And in the afternoon, things became a little different. I went to the library to study by myself, and in the past, I always played some games after studying for one or two hours. But today, I had decided not to play any game. When I studyed in the library, every time I thought about quiting the game, I feel some anxiety about that, and I just cant help shaking my legs and waving my minds to bear the anxiety. It has lasted till now. By
  6. I'm a game addicater living in China, and I've been addicted in a mobile moba game like Lengends of League for more than two years. Now I'm in grade 3 of my four-year bachelor course, I'm very afraid that I will not be able to survive in the society. For so long, I've been regarding games as a way of escaping from my failure in real life and get the feeling of beating others. But in real life, I'm never that smart and strong as in the fake game world, and I want to save myself by starting to quit game. And I will try my best to do that. So I joined the forum after watching the video Video of