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1st Days to adventure


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Safi, Morocco

I took respawn this morning, I didn't sleep at night for the umpteenth time here I just want to finish it with this infernal cycle..I want to be an actor in my life.


After reading the first chapter I headed to the forum, introduced myself and published some comments. Then I found myself looking for a hobby to replace webnovels, I needed something to do now and without material: Origami, schacchi and language learning.


I was trying to learn Korean and English, this time focusing on Spanish.


2 hours passed like this, the first time in my life that I see time pass without boring me and without reading web novels, lira manga or seeing anime.


I really got excited, but I understood why:


The site uses a system similar to video games, there are competitions that are based on the accumulated xp during the duration of the competition and the xp can be earned only by finishing the lessons and this gives you determination to learn faster and more carefully, you want to climb the ranking so you have to learn the language.


They are really smart but at least it gives you a boost in learning so you avoid leaving halfway.

Needless to say that I played the game, I was 40th, I wanted to be first so I split to become one and when I managed to make it I said to myself why not continue up to 200xp ..

When I saw the time it was 10:20 am I played for 2 hours and I started to master the basic language but above all the difference between xp and the second in the standings was 300!


Okay guys I used the system that almost sent me to hell to study for 2 hours, the system has no faults and your use of the system is wary.


Then I went for a walk, took a snack and went to the forest, ate and started meditating, and then I turned to see a sportsman running when he paused, I went over to him and talked a little.

Guys I had a social phobia a moment of my life but I defeated it but when you stay at home without going out for a few weeks if not a month when you go out again it's hard to take the first step, that's why I'm very proud of myself.


Now it is 1:15 pm I am really satisfied even if I have not moved mountains or divided oceans but I am really very proud and satisfied with this first day, I have done things that I was not used to do, I begin to create good habits for myself and I am happy really happy for myself.

It's 9:13 PM, I really feel more productive, maybe it's just a feeling but I feel that my health is better too, I want to eat balanced, I want to walk and run, go out and meet new people. Almost 1 day without novel, I 'I've already done it in the past but this time I don't think about it anymore, I feel good even though I'm reading a novel I feel better, I'm really very happy and I'm proud of myself.


Okay guys this is my first day of the challenge 90 days dentox, it's just the very first step but we'll do it!

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