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Hi There, Everyone!

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Hello GameQuitters Forum!

I'm just a teen at this point, not even out of high school yet, but the hold that gaming has on me psychologically is undeniably destructive. I play them alone for the most part, mostly online competitive games that I play solo. Most of them leave me feeling angry and less satisfied than they did before I played them... so I've decided to quit. I'm acquainted with many people in my grade and in others but I would hardly consider any of them "friends," and not a single one of them could be called my "best friend." Now that summer is here, I find myself feeling worse than I do during the school year. I should be excited that summer is here and that I have no homework (other than reading for an advanced English class), but I've dreaded every day that I spend alone without anybody really to talk to. I'm an aspiring fiction author, but the act of writing can't bring me the same pleasure and sense of completion that games do. Because of that, I can honestly say that I've done over 1000 times more gaming in the last year than writing... My physical, mental, and social health have never been great, so I can't say that they've "taken a downturn" from how they were before--I've been gaming since I was able to hold a Gameboy--and I'm genetically predisposed to serious anxiety issues and depression as well. Gaming just multiplies those, so I feel like crap about 90% of the time. I'm hoping that by quitting video games that I'll be able to continue with my writing passion, maybe make it a career sooner rather than later, build more confidence and true friendships... and maybe feel competent enough to date someone soon?

Thank you for reading my rant.


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Hello Matthias and welcome to Gamequitters! I truly believe that you've taken the right first step towards overcoming your social situation and mental health issues. Best of luck with your journey to quit gaming and develop yourself as a writer. I can't wait to see where you go from here!!

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Hey Matthais,

I'm new here too. I wish I were your age when I decided to quit. Stay strong, you're going in the right direction. It won't be easy but we'll be here to help.

Newbie to newbie, if you need anything feel free to DM me.

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