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how to say no to pubg frnds


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I and my 3 friends play pubg together. Pubg team requires 4 people in a team. if I remain absent, it creates a huge mess. I am not able to give them a good reason to quit gaming.

is there any nice convincing excuse which I can give 

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On 7/18/2019 at 10:48 AM, JustTom said:

Why? Do you have a reason for quitting? If so, tell them the truth. If they can't accept it, it's time to find new friends. 

This. Tell them the truth. Even if they are some of your only "friends", real friends will be happy for you when you make a change in your life for the good.

If they get defensive or angry, it's their own insecurity; then you should probably send them to this website as well.

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I know it's weird to tell people that you are quitting gaming. A lot of my friends found it strange....heck, even my brother tried to convince me to keep gaming. To me, it seems like it would be weirder to try and find an excuse (that isn't the truth) and attempt to convince your friends of it. Ultimately, you are not responsible for your friends happiness. I'm sure they can find a replacement. Pretty sure there are at least a few players that still play PUBG...

Good Luck 

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Not being honest is some of the most perplex things i encountered in the gaming community.

Why just tell them: I do not have any fun playing it anymore.

You would not go to a party either with a sad face, pulling people arround you down?

Why keep doing stuff that not fun to you anymore.

Well, a real good friend would show up from time to time.

But your the master of your own life, so yourselve has to come before anything. You wouldnt jump down a brigde if someone told you to do so?

Sharing true feelings with a friend is something important. If they do not understand it they are not real friends.

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