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Introduction- Connor: My Life Long Struggle With Video Game Addiction

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My name is Connor (23), I have struggled with video game addiction since I was in the sixth grade. It all started when one of my friends invited me over to play Runescape. Immediately I became fascinated with the game since I was so young, my parents didn’t want me on the computer all the time I began to wake up at 5:30 am in order to get two hours of gaming before school and after. By the eighth grade my early bird schedule transformed into late night gaming with my buddies on Modern Warfare 2. Soon this transition turned into a constant dopamine fixation with World of Warcraft until the end of high school. As I left for college I promised to leave this life behind. Once I was in college my life of gaming transitioned from gaming to partying all the time and I picked up league of legends which I’ve played for four years. I still haven’t graduated college but haven’t played league for four weeks. Instead of league I started playing games on my phone like RiseOfKingdoms and World of Kings. RiseOfKingdoms sucked a thousand dollars out of my bank account before I could even blink and world of Kings was as addictive and immersive as World of Warcraft. I woke up today late for work and my father was once again disappointed because I let him down. I want to be better and become the best version of my self I realize that I can’t live two lives and I don’t want to stay on the path where I sit behind a computer screen all day. As I got up this morning I heard a quote seize the day before it seizes you. I deleted all my games and took my family’s advice to join a forum to find other people who want to change and maybe find some support through one another. I heard the first two weeks are always the worst!

Day 1.

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I certainly relate to the fight with a life-long gaming addiction and it does not serve our interests for us to thrive .. occupying our time where so much more could have been, what can be .. Congratulations on your decision to put the controller down, we are glad you have!!

A welcoming statement :230_hatched_chick:
First move the consoles & games out of sight so it stays out of mind ..
This includes uninstalling them from the computer & devices! ..
Once it is done you can move on from there & a lot easier I might add.
After that you need to teach yourself how else to spend that free time!
Make sure you are eating healthy, getting daily exercise, & proper sleep ..
Then for starters find some hobbies to replace the time gained ..

Start some kind of journal with pen & paper, online here, or both! ..
Cross-examine other areas in your life you find consuming your time ..
Excessive consumption is what leads to the time crippling addictions ..
Replace such excessive consumerism by using your free time to create.
Our one life, the time that we have is meant for so much more than feeding addictions.
Thank you for your interest to quit video games ..
Perhaps such bold action will inspire others to great deeds as well =)
Welcome to the forums!!

Neil,  Ex-Gamer Addict,  Gamequitters Member
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