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On 7/12/2019 at 6:56 PM, chi said:

day 42:

Dancing with fire

Today I had a very strong desire to play. I am sitting at home, because after the holidays I am sick again and I can not go to sports. I made a mistake and entered the forum of my most addictive game. It turned out that a few days ago there was a so-called PW - that is, everyone starts again. Out of curiosity, I entered the world and wrote to the "friend" with whom I played. I mentioned my detox, he said that he also has a game problem, but he has no more strength to fight it. He tried to persuade me to return to the game, but at the moment we started to write about the greatest maniacs of this universe. Most are so involved that they play one game for 20 years! Even now they are so addicted that they play 10-15 hours a day and get up at night just to get better equipment. Then another, endlessly, because the character cannot be finished. Like a hamster on his spinning wheel. It is terrifying and overwhelming. I regret them, but I had to say goodbye and never come back.

Podziwiam Cię, że udało Ci się zawrócić, gdy stałeś już na granicy, a może nawet za nią ? Dużo silnej woli i chęci zmiany! Przypomnę to sobie, gdy znowu mnie najdzie ochota na odpalenie kompa.

P.S. Myślałeś o rzuceniu MJ?

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