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Karabas's Journal: Part 3 (YouTube & Shows)


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Day 0/120 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
No phone in washroom 0/120
20 mins of Qur'an 0/120 

Well, here we go!

I got delayed a bit with posting this because I thought I was on a high and was going to go vid-free, but the very next day I started watching travel vlogs about a country I'm visiting in a few months and am super excited about.

That's enough of that.

I'm going to try to keep things very basic this time around: a few simple rules and that's it. I'm not adding or subtracting anything in terms of habits for the 120-day period.

I picked 120 days, because that covers me for my upcoming "busy period": I have 2 lengthy trips coming up + a family member staying with us for a month. All of this should make it more difficult for me to watch videos as it is (at least in theory) and I'm hoping it'll be easy to keep this habit. However, 90 days would end close to the end of my last trip, and that would mean that I'm risking returning home and relapsing right away.

120 days gives 3 weeks to re-adjust to home while (hopefully) maintaining my detox.

Detox rules are:

  • No YouTube (or Vimeo or whatever other video channel) unless necessary for work or study
  • No TV shows, movies, and other entertainment
  • No X-rated stuff

No phone in washroom is straightforward.

20 mins of Qur'an I must do first thing after I wake up. Night-time habits don't work because I put them off and then go to bed late or end up skipping them.

That's all. Let's see how this goes!



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Day 1/120 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
No phone in washroom 1/120
20 mins of Qur'an 1/120

My first day was full of forgetfulness. I forgetfully watched some videos on a news website and forgot to read Qur'an until later in the day. I'm still counting this as a day, because overall I didn't intentionally waste time on vids and habits take time to form.

Feeling good so far. Not a lot of desire to watch anything. 

8 hours ago, JustTom said:

Being intentional about time usage is really the core idea of GQ, good luck!

Thanks man!

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Day 2/120 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 
No phone in washroom 2/120
20 mins of Qur'an 2/120

Better than Day 1. Forgetfully watched a few videos (I think via Twitter) but otherwise no problem. Remembered to read Qur'an after I woke up.

Also, I did close to 48 hours of work last week. Must be some kind of personal record!

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Day 6/120 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 
No phone in washroom 6/120
20 mins of Qur'an 1/120

Dang, did I not update for 4 days? I thought it was 2 ?

Overall detox has been pretty good so far. No forgetful lapses since the last post. I'm struggling more with Qur'an first thing in the day, had to restart my counter.

So far I'm feeling fine. Part of it is that I'm actively working on my business and it's fun. No significant results as of yet, but reaching any milestone is like... well, a game. So if I have a spare minute, I'd rather do business-related stuff than watch videos.

That's likely to wear off at some point. But I'll ride the wave while it's there. Hopefully it's the jumpstart I need.

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Day 9/120 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 
No phone in washroom 9/120
20 mins of Qur'an 4/120

Smooth sailing so far, thank God.

But Ramadan is coming to an end - I have a feeling things will get trickier afterwards. It's always easier to focus on the good in Ramadan.

The big plus so far has been that I have extra time right now (I've finished up work with a number of clients & I'm not immediately bringing on more) and I dove straight into working on my business. Now that I have email subscribers going through sequences, I'm under more pressure (and motivation) to get everything set up as soon as possible. It's all very engaging - there's tons to do and I'm happy to do it (for now) and that's keeping me away from wasting my time on vids and things like that.

If I do want to relax a bit, I read or talk to my wife.

I have a trip coming up in a couple of weeks, which I'm looking forward to, but also dreading. On one hand, it's great to see family. On the other hand, seeing family always wrecks my good habits AND I really need to have some content ready for my business before I head out.

Let's see how much I can get done!

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Day 14/120 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 
No phone in washroom 0/120
20 mins of Qur'an 9/120

Gah, I relapsed on my phone in the washroom thing because I'm really into this book that I'm reading on my phone. Oh well. Not the worst situation. Videos and such are under control for now.

Qur'an has been better, but still shaky. Not a habit yet, but I think part of that is that I don't have a daily schedule. Still transitioning after Ramadan - and honestly, I'm traveling soon, so that'll tweak my schedule again.

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