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Hello what's the general suggestion about watching twitch.tv? I know it's probably a bad idea to watch streamers or games that can make you feel the need to play a game you want to avoid but what's your opinion about watching a particular persona or a variety streamer with the intention to relax or have fun like it was netflix?

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We often forget that there's actually a whole second side of Twitch dedicated to creative streamers (music, art, editing, dancing, etc. ) and while that's super cool, our big thing is cutting back on addiction and mindless browsing. Watching a specific like game streamer, can basically be like playing the game ourselves, especially if its a game we played before we started our detox. I find personally, that while watching twitch is still kinda fun, watching the streamers I used to watch often leads me to want to jump back into gaming, whereas when I watch streamers who are brand new to me its a lot easier (when I avoid any of my old games it helps even more then avoiding the old streamers). Mostly I end up using it to chat with personal friends who stream nowadays.

Overall opinion: Twitch is a website that people use to find entertainment and I think that's pretty awesome. However when game addicts use a site covered in gaming, it becomes extremely easy to just join in on the 'fun' and then relapse. If you're serious about trying to finish a 90 day detox, or quit gaming, I'd suggest avoiding Twitch for at least the first month, if not the whole 90 days. 

Best of luck with everything!

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Sounds like you know full well you should be avoiding it, but're wanting some justification for it.

If we're quitting games, we're going to have to find a new form of entertainment or way to relax. Personally, i'd aim to find some new, relaxing entertainment that isn't digital at all. Netflix, youtube ect. they all stimulate us in the same way. It's strongly encouraged here that we find a hobby/other interests - another benefit being you can relax through those instead. It doesn't have to be hardwork all the time too. People can wind down by doing woodworking or playing guitar for example. Before bed I also do puzzles (Like sudoku) from a book to relax. Some interests and hobbies tho can be digital and relaxing in the same way too, such as coding, 3D modelling or digital drawing.

If you go on youtube, netflix, twitch ect. with no intention or plan, you're basically handing yourself over to that completely. You're not in control. You'll let those websites drive you to relieve your stress, make you happy ect. Because it's so stimulating (Digital entertainment), there won't be much else irl that can do the same. You'll begin to rely on it to make you feel something. You should be the one in control. Happiness comes from within. It comes from the actions we initiate. A reason it's so stimulating imo is because we give up control to it, procrastination becomes an addiction. But a clearer interpreation of that would be Dissociation.

In general, we should be using technology more mindfully and with clear intention. I was bored earlier, so I came here with the intention to write something (Because I felt like it).

Nobody is 100% productive all the time. Personally I still watch youtube sometimes with no intention. The key for me being that I go there intentionally with a plan to pick something from my subscriptions to watch. Having more self control these past few months, i've noticed I actually can stick to just a few videos, so I don't binge unless I intend to. And even then, i'd know what kind of videos i'm going to binge.

I've split all my youtube content over two accounts I have. One is for all the 'mindless' stuff, the other is for serious stuff. The 'serious' stuff I have is related to my hobbies (learning stuff, which is still enjoyable). Most times when I go to Youtube, I know exactly what / who i'm looking up. I don't usually let it direct me somewhere. As for the 'mindless' entertainment account - majority of its content is about my other big interest (Politics).

I'm not subscribed to any gaming channels or content and always click 'not interested' when any of it comes up (I rarely see that stuff now). Be aware also, if you have twitch or other gaming stuff in your internet history, favourites ect. you're more likely to be given gaming ads elsewhere. If you decide not to watch twitch anymore, I recommend clearing out your history, likes, playlists ect. from gaming.

Hopefully i've given you some insight :)

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