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just wanted to introduce myself..

name is chris, 28 years old. used to obsessively play video games (and other things, like alcohol, binge eating, exercising) to deal with my anxiety issues. spent the majority of my teenage years in front of the computer playing world of warcraft, all the shooters till 5am. slept a lot too, over 12 hours some days. after high school I was 300 pounds. I ate all the time to deal with my anxiety issues. I ate a lot of fast food and all sorts of stuff. few years after started dealing with my anxieties with weight loss (started eating 600 calories per day, exercising excessively). dropped down to 160. still thought I looked fat at the weight (wasn't at all). eventually just narrowed out, stopped the extreme dieting, got into a healthy diet routine stayingwhere I'm at now for years (188). eating healthy, etc. stopped binge eating all together really.

really just want to feel safe. one of your videos ask that (how we want to feel). want that more than anything right now. want to be able to come home and feel safe. some of my anxieties include fear of confrontation, unknown, what other people think. others include saying no to others (struggle to say no to others). seems like I have a more generalized anxiety (with me all day long, nothing in specific).

some things I am learning. for example, just cause you have one day you overeat does not mean you're going to gain our weight back. from what I've read, you don't need to be perfect at life either, meaning the same thing in real life - one bad day isn't going to screw everything up. seems like I really gotta change my thoughts around.

trying to get into the routine now to overcome my fears, cause I messed a lot of stuff in the past. when I get in these situations now, trying to do what's right. not care what others think, say no when needed, being okay with uncertainty. those types of things..really do cause I messed up so much in life cause of my anxiety issues. relationships, dates, all sorts of things. just want to figure out what I really want to do with my life to be honest..

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Welcome aboard! There is a lot of support and good advice to be had here.

I remember my days of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. One thing I did was take different classes at my local community college. They had classes for nursing, welding, automotive repair, law enforcement... all different things. I thought I was going to be going to school for engineering, but I took diverse classes for the general education requirements. I took a basic architecture class and was fascinated by it! I took a few more architecture classes, and not too long after I ended up with my associate's degree in architecture. I am now working my way towards my bachelor's degree now! I wouldn't have realized that I enjoyed architecture if I didn't just take a variety of classes. My community college actually gave me a much better education than the university I attend now at a third of the price. Just two classes a semester was enough for me to try some things and figure it out!

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Hey Chris!

Thanks for joining us here! We're happy to have you as part of our community. I guess you're the one who left the YouTube comment (thanks for watching!)

I definitely relate to the struggles with anxiety and have experienced them both in myself and in close friends of mine. One of the best things I've done for my anxiety is to start meditating each day. The science behind it is here. If you want to try it, start with the Headspace 10 day, 10 mins/day challenge (it's free). I just cycle it over and over again to keep from paying for it.

Excited to follow your journey. :)

Also, my friend Samantha Skelly has an organization called Hungry for Happiness that is basically like Game Quitters but for emotional eating. Think you'd like her stuff a lot too.

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