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Playing Multiplayer Games "Alone"

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Something that has been a big source of addiction yet simultaneously connection is Overwatch. It's a game notoriously team-based unless you just play free-for-all like I have been. However, I've had lots of joyful and/or heart-felt conversations with friends and strangers while moving the payload and such. I won't argue that those same experiences can be found outside the game. In fact, I'm still trying to figure out a straightforward question rather than asking for justification in playing a game based on the fact that it's "with other people."

While it doesn't take much to find people who want to talk in the game, the times where I drone on and seriously don't feel like I'm getting anything out of the game is all too easy. For better or worse, hardly any if any of my real life friends have been available to play games. In addition to queuing with randoms in MOBAs,The growing list of free battle royale games that you can play solo or with a team makes trying to get #1 even lonelier. I haven't done a full 90- day detox yet, still going through the video lessons, but when I am in a good place to be playing games again...

What should I do to make sure I'm engaging with people I play with?

To help add context, let me list some of the excuses I make when I play team games alone or without talking to my team.

  1. My friends don't play: Whether I ask them or not, a lot of my friends from real life are too busy or uninterested.
  2. I can't have good team work with strangers: It's mostly a toss up but I usually assume the people who win the most are people who work together on a regular basis.
  3. Most people don't even talk: Depending on the game, lot of people on MOBAs or battle royales don't have a mic or don't listen to those who do.

If you think playing multiplayer games to interact with other can be worthwhile, let me know what about my mindset could be different.

If you are of the opinion that multiplayer games can be just as unhealthy as solo rpgs or some other opinion between the two, please let me know your reasoning as well. 

Again, haven't gotten far into the respawn for gamers guide so maybe I just need to keep watching, figured it was worth asking anyway.

Kendall "PurpleBot" Stauffer

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Dude if you can regulate it then feel free to play. If you cant just dont play this stupid games. Example: If i start gaming again I will sacrifice all of my time, money and effort to games. 

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I think it'd be helpful to challenge this statement "When i'm in a good place to be playing games again".

Detoxing at it's core is about making the effort on your part to self improve aswell, since quitting/stopping won't change your life automatically. Some people here know full well they want to quit forever. Myself, I don't know if i'll go back and it's too much detail to analyse that fully. I just focus on the now, adjusting and living without gaming. I don't think about if, when, how ect. i'll go back to gaming.

My multiplayer days are far outnumbered with this new generation stuff. I use to play TF2 and quit at the end of 2013 (With a few relapses in 2014, but none since). I switched to singleplayer only and was still just as addicted. That game to me always had the vibe of being alone. Rarely anyone would talk in the chat. I also was big on trading and even then nobody likes to talk or make friendships, it's more straight to business. I had a mentor that got into the top team in my country. We didn't have a meaningful friendship at all. It was just all serious gaming bs. Their team was also very toxic. The only interactions I saw them make outside the team was often shit-talk. I also never found myself a team but was easily one of the best (This was before the ranking systems also). This game was dying and the few online friends I had just left the last message encouraging me to change toanother multiplayer game (overwatch was one of them). A few years after I left, one of my online friends (who also quit around the same time) sent me a link about TF2. Basically they found many players were cheating and using hacks, including a few members in my mentors team. There was one player I wasn't able to beat 1:1 in my country and they turned out to be hacking (Aimbot and walls).


Multiplayer isn't everything its cracked up to be. I'm sure a lot of people knew about me ('Rich' player always pubstomping). But they don't know I had no friends and no team. Irl, I was making trouble at school. Detention, suspension, teachers keeping a tight hold, phone calls home, grounded ect. the whole lot. More people would've known about that toxic team. But nobody knows that most of them are cheats.

My opinion is that its all just an illusion when you see gamers w lots of friends, 'best' players ect. We don't know how it is for them on the otherside of the screen. I also believe most ppl play multiplayer for a sense of achievement specifically over other people. To directly prove they're better than others. It is mostly just playing alone. I don't think anything meaningful can come from online gamer friends. Trust is important in friendship. You should personally self reflect and re-evaluate WHY you want to 'make sure you engage with the people you're playing with'.

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