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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

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I tried quitting games on my own several times, however ever now and then I always tell myself I am doing good and deserve some relaxing game time. If you are here, you know this start like this and the gaming portion of time just keep raising.

I am a father, a husband, I have a carrer where I need to be constantly studing, there is no room for this addictive gaming behavior of mine. I never find time to study when I am "on games", but I always find time for another round... enough of this.

I know some people can game casually, I am not one of those, gaming really block my time to study, to take the care my family needs, the time to live.

I never lost a  job because gaming, however I know I have more potential, to be somewhere else, that is being blocked by the gaming, I know that I need to study, I purchased the books but instead of reading I was playing. I know it is an issue because changing from one game to another doesn't help, I have issues with all sort of games.

I feel better telling you all a bit of my story, I want to start this journey with you, stay with me.  I quit.


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I believe there are people who are lucky enough to have active, vibrant and social lives, they just don't start playing games or try games and don't bother to get into them (you must be quite bored for quite some time to get into the most of the games)

But there are not many such people, and even they eventually face problems. Health declines, social circles break (which are often supported by alcohol and drugs anyway), they get children and boring jobs and they end up just with the rest of us.

Before computer game revolution people entertained themselves with gambling, alcohol and the really lucky ones, who found it in their hearts to believe, with religion (unfortunately that's not me). 

Now we know that computer games do not lead anywhere also. What are the options left for us? 

I have read through some introductions and journals and I honestly don't see that people found anything even remotely interesting to replace games. That's sad. Life should have more meaning.

Mate, sorry for rambling and I wish you good luck on your path, I really do hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel and hope one day to get there myself.





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