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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing your journal for so long, is really good see someone from quite some time here.
  2. Hello, I tried quitting games on my own several times, however ever now and then I always tell myself I am doing good and deserve some relaxing game time. If you are here, you know this start like this and the gaming portion of time just keep raising. I am a father, a husband, I have a carrer where I need to be constantly studing, there is no room for this addictive gaming behavior of mine. I never find time to study when I am "on games", but I always find time for another round... enough of this. I know some people can game casually, I am not one of those, gaming really block my time to study, to take the care my family needs, the time to live. I never lost a job because gaming, however I know I have more potential, to be somewhere else, that is being blocked by the gaming, I know that I need to study, I purchased the books but instead of reading I was playing. I know it is an issue because changing from one game to another doesn't help, I have issues with all sort of games. I feel better telling you all a bit of my story, I want to start this journey with you, stay with me. I quit.
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