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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

New game quitter here


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Hi. Just found this site and forum recently. My counsellor sent me an article on gamer addiction and it’s relationship with gambling and this site was on there. I have been an avid gamer my whole life. Mostly playing world of Warcraft. Diablo and most recently Hearthstone. It was never that bad in my opinion but I have pulled all-nighters and lost sleep because of them. On average I would play 4-5 hours a day and if I didn’t work a day it would be all day I would play. I am married (now split) with 3 children. I ignored my family life because of gaming and now as I’ve said I am split from my wife because of gaming. She had enough of it after 24 years. Now I want to change and I want to quit gaming. My gaming led to a worse behaviour as I am also a compulsive gambler. I am getting help from all these things. I have managed to quit WOW but still play the other 2 too much. I am slowly cutting down and hope this site will aid in cutting it out all together. My hope is to reconnect with my wife and family to live together again and make us both happy again. Thanks for reading 

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