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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Day 1


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So its the first day with no video games and it's very hard. The urge to redownload my games and continue playing is very strong. Time seems to move slow now, I think it has been a few hours and its truly only been 30 minutes. I see myself struggling with filling the void currently. I want to learn how to code python, do photography with a friend, and I have started the process of writing a book. Even with all this time on my hands all I want to do is play video games. But since I no longer have access to them I end up just sitting in my computer chair looking at my screen as if I am waiting for video games to pop up. I have everything I need to start coding but have no motivation to do so I open all of my free open-ended resources and will start to code but stop only after 5 minutes. Will this change or do I need to keep forcing myself to push forward to a point where I can start enjoying my new activities? Will this end or change?

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Urges will pass just hang in there. Try to exercise move your body get outside if possible. Use the pomodoro technique to do other activities like learning to code. Do it for 30 minutes and then take a non-digital break like going to get a cup of tea.

This is a new experience for you, be patient, it gets better.

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