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    So its the first day with no video games and it's very hard. The urge to redownload my games and continue playing is very strong. Time seems to move slow now, I think it has been a few hours and its truly only been 30 minutes. I see myself struggling with filling the void currently. I want to learn how to code python, do photography with a friend, and I have started the process of writing a book. Even with all this time on my hands all I want to do is play video games. But since I no longer have access to them I end up just sitting in my computer chair looking at my screen as if I am waiting for video games to pop up. I have everything I need to start coding but have no motivation to do so I open all of my free open-ended resources and will start to code but stop only after 5 minutes. Will this change or do I need to keep forcing myself to push forward to a point where I can start enjoying my new activities? Will this end or change?
  2. Hello! My name is Brandon Cannino I am 19 years old and trying to quit gaming. Gaming has been part of my life since I can last remember. I play for the challenge, the satisfaction of completing something, and the fact that it killed my boredom. I know gaming for me has become something negative. But I still continue to play every day and for hours at end. I need this is work and quit. I have tried in the past to just stop or simply game less. Nothing has worked. Personally, I am scared that my life will go nowhere because of gaming. I can't live like this any longer. It's time for a hard reset. Atheili (Online Handle)
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