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Paul A.

I relapsed for two years

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When I first found Cam's article I was eleven. To be honest it wasn't much of a relapse, what I did, but it wasn't a good time for me. After I read his article, I felt inspired to stop gaming, but as a naive child I was unable to really understand his points, so I slipped back into gaming. After two years I was still gaming. Gaming meant a lot to me, because it was my only real source of entertainment when I was stuck at home (or so I thought). But eventually I decided, enough is enough, so I decided to quit gaming for good. It's been two days without games, and they have not been bad days. I just hope I can find something to replace gaming soon, something I can devote myself to. Because being a 13 year old boy trying to quit video games isn't easy, and I'll need all the help I can get.


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