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I have been without games for 5 days and I was trying to learn blender. I felt how great it is but now it annoys me and I am only angry about it cause I cannot model anything. I feel like I am going to start playing soon even though inside I really don't want to. I just dunno how to fulfill my needs with anything. When I go out I feel strange. When I am inside my house I don't know what to do. Cause I don't want to do school and nothing brings me real joy. 

Can anyone help me? Or at least suggest what I should do.

Thanks, Adam

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 You know the hobby alternative list of cam? You find it somewhere in gamequitters, there is definetly something you can do and it will bring you fun


remember: your brain is adapted to very fast dopamin with gaming. Other things can be fun too, but you are not used to it. Everything needs time! So stay strong, you will enjoy other things very soon


for example I play an instrument now everyday and I am learning to code. This didnt make fun from beginning but now its good! Still a way till I can say that i love it, but day with day it makes more fun. I know learning for school is not fun, but as soon as you get over with games, youtube etc. you will enjoy that more than now too!

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Blender is *not* an easy learn.  It is designed by 3d wonks for 3d wonks.  That said, if you were gaming about 16 hours a day like some of us, you can apply all that free time to conquering it.

There are tens of thousands of tutorial videos out there on Blender.  Go through them - even the ones that are so basic you think Dr Seuss wrote them.  Do them multiple times.  You'll get it, people do.  Your weapon is the time you have recently freed up by breaking up with the harsh mistress of gaming.

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