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Perhaps I'll finally win...


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...the big prize. It's likely that I have the longest-running game addiction out there.

See, when I first got addicted, it cost money to play Defender or Berzerk. 25 cents a pop kept me in check until the mid 80s. Then I took an Intellivision for my college dorm room in 1984, and that's when my grades started to suffer.

Yep. 34+ years.

It's the open-ended games that kill me, the just "one more round" or "a few more minutes," then I'll go to bed.

Or back to work.

How I kept a career going for three decades after being addicted to Quake, followed by Ultima Online, followed by stuff I can't even remember, up until most recently, World of Warships. Ultima Online probably was the #1 killer of my first marriage.

The addiction was bad enough, but the sore loser aspects were the worst. I've probably smashed 25 keyboards in the past 20 years. Three iPads. A couple laptops. When I threw an iPad through my condo window last week I knew, this has to stop. I actually have a decent job and make a good living, somehow, even with this issue. I wonder what I could have done with my life if I hadn't wasted an average of three hours a day for 30 years. I wonder.

So, here I am. I have to do this. I have to.

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