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Trying to quit sa:mp


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Hello everyone, my name is Lee, I'm 16 years old and I'm living in Pakistan.

I've been hooked to a lot of games over the years, they were mostly browser games i.e Shadow Fight on facebook, and 8 Ball Pool on Miniclip, and counter strike 1.6. I've spent hours and hours on each of these games but it was never that big of a problem, I used to be more supervised by my parents because I was was small and irresponsible, I hated it but it was great for me because it always kept me under a limit. And my studies weren't as serious of an issue back then. I've gotten over all these games pretty much naturally, I still played 8 Ball Pool for hours until mid 2016. In mid 2016 I joined a server on sa:mp (San Andreas Multiplayer), it is a Cops and Robbers based server. 

When I started playing I found it pointless and it didn't come to my interests and I stopped playing it in about a month. Then in around September 2017 I found it again, bored one night and remember this server. I've been hooked on it ever since, It still wasn't a terrible addiction until around 2 months ago. Making the story short, I've been trying to stop because it's causing problems for me, mainly because of School, I'm in the final year and I need to work hard, it matters a lot. I really don't have any social activities and I don't talk to many people irl. I might (just might) start playing it again in Summer when I'll have a huge 4 months break but that's for later. I actually discovered the Game Quitters channel just last night and I watched a few videos, it convinced me enough to delete the game, which is the first thing I did after booting my PC today. I knew that trying to stop slowly won't be a good idea and ending it all of a sudden will prove useful soon. I'm still thinking about it a bit and feel like playing it, but I can handle it (at least for now) and I think I'll get over it soon. The thing is I have played a LOT of games, when I got my PC in 2016, but with time I started losing interest in them to the point where I question the point of videos games like shooters (in which you keep killing to success) and racers (keep racing & winning to success). It was an irony that I found this game so interesting, it's filled with cheaters and the community is very toxic. I guess it's about the whole "multiplayer thing" and the whole "Cops and Robbers" concept which can be realistic and interesting. 

The problems is: 

The problem is still in fact that I feel like playing it, I don't have a terrible desire but I think about it a lot in school and can't focus on lectures etc, I used to create YouTube videos from that server, basically "kill montages" and I started watching other people's montages too, and after deleting the games I'm still hooked to watching different montages (I have watched plenty before but I keep repeatedly watching them I guess it's another addiction). I feel like getting rid of my PC might be the next step, is that alright or am I thinking too much? Or should I wait for the time that I get over the game completely because I'll no longer be playing it anyway?


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Hi Lee! welcome to the community. Your desire to play will pass over time, it tends to be the most intense at the beginning and then over the course of the first few weeks it will get easier and then especially the longer you are off the less you crave games. Cravings are a withdrawal symptom! This video can help:


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