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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Lee, I'm 16 years old and I'm living in Pakistan. I've been hooked to a lot of games over the years, they were mostly browser games i.e Shadow Fight on facebook, and 8 Ball Pool on Miniclip, and counter strike 1.6. I've spent hours and hours on each of these games but it was never that big of a problem, I used to be more supervised by my parents because I was was small and irresponsible, I hated it but it was great for me because it always kept me under a limit. And my studies weren't as serious of an issue back then. I've gotten over all these games pretty much naturally, I still played 8 Ball Pool for hours until mid 2016. In mid 2016 I joined a server on sa:mp (San Andreas Multiplayer), it is a Cops and Robbers based server. When I started playing I found it pointless and it didn't come to my interests and I stopped playing it in about a month. Then in around September 2017 I found it again, bored one night and remember this server. I've been hooked on it ever since, It still wasn't a terrible addiction until around 2 months ago. Making the story short, I've been trying to stop because it's causing problems for me, mainly because of School, I'm in the final year and I need to work hard, it matters a lot. I really don't have any social activities and I don't talk to many people irl. I might (just might) start playing it again in Summer when I'll have a huge 4 months break but that's for later. I actually discovered the Game Quitters channel just last night and I watched a few videos, it convinced me enough to delete the game, which is the first thing I did after booting my PC today. I knew that trying to stop slowly won't be a good idea and ending it all of a sudden will prove useful soon. I'm still thinking about it a bit and feel like playing it, but I can handle it (at least for now) and I think I'll get over it soon. The thing is I have played a LOT of games, when I got my PC in 2016, but with time I started losing interest in them to the point where I question the point of videos games like shooters (in which you keep killing to success) and racers (keep racing & winning to success). It was an irony that I found this game so interesting, it's filled with cheaters and the community is very toxic. I guess it's about the whole "multiplayer thing" and the whole "Cops and Robbers" concept which can be realistic and interesting. The problems is: The problem is still in fact that I feel like playing it, I don't have a terrible desire but I think about it a lot in school and can't focus on lectures etc, I used to create YouTube videos from that server, basically "kill montages" and I started watching other people's montages too, and after deleting the games I'm still hooked to watching different montages (I have watched plenty before but I keep repeatedly watching them I guess it's another addiction). I feel like getting rid of my PC might be the next step, is that alright or am I thinking too much? Or should I wait for the time that I get over the game completely because I'll no longer be playing it anyway? .