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keeping the games logins just uninstalling the games


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I have had trouble with keeping my own login info.  Its a path back toward gaming.  I have let others reset my password for Steam so I can't access it anymore or use the recovery feature for it.  My EA Origin account got hacked and I took that as a blessing because it is no longer mine to worry about.(Thankfully I didn't have any payment info on that one)  I have deleted other accounts because its just a shortcut back to games.  So let someone else guard them for you and from you. 

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Think of it this way, 

If you're serious about quitting games for good, then quit.
If you're not sure, then don't. 
If you're sure you would be better off without games, then you should get serious.

Some people play games all the time, some people only play games when they have the time for it. The games aren't the problem. It's the addiction that is the problem. The games and the people playing them will be fine without you. 

Since you managed to find your way to this site, I think you know what the answer is.

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i personally kept mine.  it is to easy to make a new one, so i changed my password to a long encrypted password, that i saved in a txt doc on a cloud server. 
The text doc itself says   Dont_fall_back_into_gaming-DONT_FAIL_YOURSELF.txt   ? to make me feel bad if i ever seek it out. 

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