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What can be more scary to a shut-in, introverted loner like us than speaking in public?  Seriously.  Maybe lion taming.

I have on my screen the local ToastMasters website.  They meet on Thursday.  I want to go check it out, but realistically I fear it so much I will probably "forget" about it on the night.

I'm hoping to divert this fear into excitement, and actually go.

Someday I have to break out of this shell.

https://www.toastmasters.org/ - main page

http://mantecatoastmasters.org/ - local chapter to me, if you want to go see if I chicken out.


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I ha've been going to a toast master meeting a couple months ago.

This was the most intense thing ever.. I thought that they expect you to speak about solmething but they ask whether someone wants to speak about a certain topic.

I didn't speak about anything I felt like someone has to force me into speaking I didn't speak about anything...

It's really about being bold I guess.

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