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Question of the week: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

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Seeking an accountability buddy that uses discord, I’m 24 and have a journal on here

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The name is Josh,

I realize I have been stuck in a similar pattern for too long and now I am busting out of it, I want to join the respawn program cause I believe that would truly help me out but I don’t get paid til a few weeks, I’m seeking a buddy who I can talk to about  being more successful in life and help me through these cravings, and I can gladly be an ear for this buddy and or help keep him/her accountable.


alittle about me. I love music specifically jazz, I also design Boardgames in my spare time and go on walks around my neighborhood.  Feel free to message me here or on discord, I am in the stop gaming discord and my current name is Tailcut but the easiest way to reach me is probably here on gamequitters,


thanks for reading 😊

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