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Hello Everyone!


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Hi everyone! I’m Cody and am a recovering addict from Gaming. I’m 24 but have been playing since I was about 5 years old and I remember games being the center of my life throughout my childhood.


Growing up, I always put school first (primary and secondary school) but always felt the urge to fill my remaining time with games. All of my high school and college friends played, but I wanted more to life. I got a job after college that I didn’t necessarily like, but it had good perks, such as flex time and easiness. I wasn’t challenged at work and ultimately didn’t like the position at all, and I finally realized that after 2 years of being there. I said enough was enough, and I unplugged my gaming PC and stowed it away to concentrate on getting a new job. This was in August and in late September (3 weeks ago) I started my new job, a dream job at a dream company!


I loved seeing what happened when I put the games aside, and now I wanted to do this for real. I had a gaming PC and an Xbox, but don’t play the Xbox religiously like I did with the PC. So for now, I’m keeping the Xbox that allows me to play a couple of times a week with close friends, and then seeing what I can do instead of being on the computer all of the time.


I’m very happy to be here and am excited to contribute to this community!

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Hi Cody

Glad to see that you have made some change already and that they are working for you, I think it is great that you have a tangible baseline to work off, I hope to see your contributions in the future.


Welcome to the forum

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