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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

update 2


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I was on here a while ago but have since forgotten my password and changed email :s
Anyhoo, I am here now for another update. It's been a while. I had a relapse, and I snapped back out of it. I have since given away everything, every tiny thing and back in to recovery mode again.
I was disappointed in myself for a while but hey, I learned and feel even more disenchanted with gaming.
I won't bore you with too much detail but I am (or was) a very problematic gamer. I lost jobs, alienated people, dropped out of university because of my habits, it's been a while to ditch it completely, maybe 3 years of concerted trying.
Since my relapse I have been diagnosed with depression and low mood and have made efforts to get my life back on track. I have gotten a job to earn a bit of cash although have now left it to go back to  university and finish what I started. It feels good completing those major hurdles, but I have lagged behind on some other stuff like cycling in the mornings and learning French and stabilizing my morning sleeping pattern, still I am optimistic.  
But I came here to specifically rant about something that has been bothering me for some time. Actually I should be more disappointed than anything about this.
My job was at an architect's firm and coincidences abound I found myself part working on a project for a new exhibition at a National Museum in the UK which will be staying a world first exhibition on the video games that the conversations around it. Great, sure fine it’s work. Then the team started talking about the contents of the exhibition that the curators-the clients- wanted to show. It covers almost everything except...
Video game addiction! I mentioned it to my boss and his co-workers and they were all stumped too.
It’s the one taboo that will not be displayed at this exhibition! Its a shameful oversight but it was too late, the project was locked in and on its way to the building stages. It now opens in a few days time to a preview and I am invited. This means I most likely will be meeting big names from Nintendo, Xbox, playstation, pc, etc. I will be going but I cannot shake that off, can something be that taboo that it can’t even be a last minute addition? It promotes the upsides and downsides that gaming can have on someone’s mental health but to omit that topic? It’s been over 10 months and I am still in disbelief at this. Sure gaming addiction has only recently been classified but nothing about the methods designed to keep people hooked? Nothing?!
I want to bring this up in a conversation but am not sure how. I don’t think I will given the magnitude of the event.



Have a great a day.

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3 hours ago, -n.g- said:

I was on here a while ago but have since forgotten my password and changed email :s

Merged your accounts.

Hope I did it with the right E-Mail (My browser crashed right when I merged, so I couldnt see the old Mail). If not, I am sorry, just make a new acc and drop me PM, I will sort it out then.

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Welp, I came, saw and left. The personal embarrassment inside me and the thoughts of my history was enough for me to leave after a few minutes. 

The exhibition will be a success no doubt, although it is a bit scattered gunned in approach and I would have liked much further detail concerning some topics, (I didn't need to be there to know that, more or less turned out as I imagined from the renders) but there is something of interest in there for everyone to take away I think, which is the best you could hope for.

As an experience being part of it and watching the architects work on it, it was enlightening to see the amount of work, late nights, weekend work, and many, many meetings and headaches that went on to put on the show.

On the whole it is an end, not really much of a conclusion. That's it. I have no more thoughts on the subject. I don't know if I should have more of an opinion but quite simply, I don't. I suppose problem gaming has completely ruined it all for me. I just see an end and life shall carry on.

I have university starting in a little over a week, due to the some mistakes I made whilst unwell I am now having to get letters from relevant parties to secure funding for this academic year. Yay beaucracy. My fault ultimately but I am certain I will have it sorted... Eventually! 

I am done for now. I can only hope for better in the future. 

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