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My journal: Quest for purporse


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Hello guys

It's been two weeks since i had stopped playing games and the reason is:

Lack of purpose and enjoyment in small things of life.

I only play games on weekends due to circumstances (job, college, etc), however I spend a week craving for gaming and this is the only activity that I can concentrate 100%, since I became adult and had compromises I dream that one day I will have back the life when I was a teenager (playing games all day long). But this is a illusion and I need to step further in my life. I want to try new hobbies, new things. So I hope that journal can help those who read it.

Greetings from Brazil.

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Good job starting your journal - it will definitely help. ?

Try to plan your weekends before they come around, set a specific day like tuesday or wednesday to have plans for the weekend - that way you aren't just bored and then justify gaming because of it. ?

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