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  1. Yeah. I think that I can handle to play only ONE single player game at time and I will be fine. But is like you said: "It's like walking on the edge of the abyss". Why not spend the time with other things? I've been playing games since I remember, why not try something different?
  2. Hello guys, what's up? A briefly resume about myself: Used to play a lot since 11 years to 19 years Then the begin of adult life when I was 19 (working and studying all day long) forces me to suddenly quit gaming Was no problem to quit at this time, because I had so many occupations and are excited for making a career Then I used to play only on weekends and vacancies Got a good job and degree Where is the problem? Since the adult life began I was struggling to get more time to play video games like I played in my youth, giving me an anxiety. So I got good jobs and achieved a degree but I often think that everything is bore and only online games with friends are great. Then I made a 90 days detox and the life got better. Go to the gym is not too suck anymore, coding is not too bore, actually I’m really enjoying to code and studying new technologies, but, last week I started to play again feeling confident that will be not a problem and I suddenly realized that everything become bore again, the real life become a bore thing. It's hard to sit on PC to work (I'm working in IT) and view all the game icons, so I will uninstall everything again and move forward. We need to move forward, game was a good part of our lives in the past but now we need to move to next level. Tip: I think that "moderate gaming" don't exist for who played so much in the past. Because in the last two weeks I started with this is mind: playing something offline only as anti stress , then I'm started to search for gaming news, suddenly I was watching a streaming and then logged in discord and saw friends online and the rest you know... Thank you everyone
  3. Hello guys It's been two weeks since i had stopped playing games and the reason is: Lack of purpose and enjoyment in small things of life. I only play games on weekends due to circumstances (job, college, etc), however I spend a week craving for gaming and this is the only activity that I can concentrate 100%, since I became adult and had compromises I dream that one day I will have back the life when I was a teenager (playing games all day long). But this is a illusion and I need to step further in my life. I want to try new hobbies, new things. So I hope that journal can help those who read it. Greetings from Brazil.
  4. Continue por favor. Pelo que entendi você tem um vício em pornografia/masturbação e jogos correto? e quando cai em um fica fácil cair em outro?