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How would you create a habit/reward loop to getting homework/studying done


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Procrastinator  here.

im curious to hear the communities thoughts on this, ever since I started a 90 day detox ( day 3). I find myself working out more instead of doing homework or studying,

in  Videogames, I used to grind a lot for rewards,  now in life, I grind my physical health for reward of dopamine and a long term goal of getting healthy. 


I just cant seem to think of a reward for doing the grind of homework/studying,  I guess the reward would be good grades and becoming smarter, but that’s not tempting enough for me at the moment.


I listened to the gamequitter podcast about how to become addicting to getting stuff done and that’s my hope one day, I’m just having trouble starting the car,

Now that I think about it, I could allot my time in chunks like 15 mins work then 10 minutes of music.  Haven’t tried that yet, I will do that today hopefully


how would you create a habit loop for yourself and what have you learned about all this,



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I've had some success using a pomodorro timer. I've also had success with setting up rewards for reaching milestones: for example, do homework for 3 hours a day, after 7 days I go to eat at my favorite restaurant. or eat a bag of chips (because I normally stay away from chips since i'm trying to lose weight).

Doesn't have to be food, just has to be something you like and don't normally get and not related to gaming or technology ?

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